Antioch Court Improvement Plan

antioch courtMontclair Village Association and Montclair Safety & Improvment Council come together to Improve Antioch Court.

An improved Antioch Court will not only help to promote Montclair Village but make it a more vibrant and healthy Village. The community will be revitalized by the benefits that the Improvement Project will bring with a village identity and safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.


UPDATE: Construction plans have been finalized, this project is shovel ready, it is time for funding!!

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Phase I of the project will focus on improving the high density community area by allowing safer access, traffic calming, pedestrian & bike safety and making Antioch Court a community gather spot. By increasing bike safety in Antioch Court we are able to increase the utilization of bike racks and continue to be an integral part of the city bike route. To restrict traffic to one lane and prohibit left turns blub-outs will be installed and to further increase safety on Antioch Court streets and sidewalks will be leveled.

buildingbricksOn Saturday, September 14th, 2014 the MVA and MSIC kick started the Antioch Court Improvement Plan with Antioch Alfreso. Antioch Court had a beer garden, outdoor dining and live entertainment featuring local band The Marchmen. Many visitors and residents basked in the warm sun enjoying the live music. Many community events and gatherings could be held in a new and improved Antioch Court with your help! Help build Antioch Court by donating “building bricks,” community benches, trees, grates or village planters!

Brick poster

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Q: Where can I go to order my brick(s)?


Q: Can I pick the placement of my brick?
A: No. However the bricks will all be located in the same area so it will be easy for you to locate your brick.


Q: What can I put on the brick?

  •     4 x 8 Brick with up to 3 lines of personalized text: $125.00
  •     8 x 8 Brick with up to 6 lines of personalized text: $225.00
  •     8 x 8 Child Art Brick with up to 2 lines of personalized text: $400.00
  •     8 x 8 Custom Logo Brick with up to 2 lines of personalized text: $400.00


Q: Is it tax deductible?
A: Yes. The MVA is a qualified nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, tax ID 02-0551618, therefore the purchase of your brick(s) is tax deductible to the extent provided by the law.  Please consult your tax adviser or IRS for further details.


Q: Will Antioch Court be permanently closed to traffic?
A: No.  We will have the option to temporarily close the court for special events by using retractable bollards.


Q: Will we be losing parking spaces?
A: We lose one parking space on Antioch Court however gain 2 spaces on the Mountain side in front of Starbucks. Thus a net gain of 1 spot.


Q: How will this impact traffic?
A: We are increasing the safer flow of traffic by not allowing a left turn from Antioch Court to Mountain but rather continuing on Mountain to La Salle for your left or right turn.


Q: How does this project increase pedestrian safety?
A: We are increasing the crosswalk visibility by shortening the crossing length, adding a more contrasting surface treatment and better pedestrian lighting.  We are also creating a level crossing surface and moving the crosswalk between Starbucks and Tutti Frutti Yogurt up to provide motorist visibility.


Q: What is the overall project cost?
A: Approximately $500k


Q: Is the city contributing any funds toward the improvements?
A: Yes. The City has committed approximately $170K to date.  Once construction designs are finalized, they will help will additional fundraising efforts.


Q: What is the timeline?
A: This is dependent on our fundraising success.  We hope to complete the project in 2017.


Q: How do I keep up with Antioch Court news?
A: The best way is to subscribing to the MVA newsletter  and joining the MSIC listserve