Beautification/Safety/Land Use

This Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:05 AM, US Bank, 1998 Mountain Blvd. The current chair is John Porras, Crown Wine and Spirits,

This group addresses issues that have to do with the look of the Village as well as the use of business space. There are five areas they address:

  1. Landscaping. Planters and trees throughout the Village are supervised by this Team. Work includes watering and maintaining permanent and seasonal plants in all Village planters and watering and maintaining the health of newer Village trees. The work is paid for from Association funds. This company complies with all City regulations for the use of water, using their own pumper truck to water plants and trees.

  2. Maintenance. Keeping the sidewalks, tree wells, curbs and gutters clean is a full-time job in the Village. Work includes sweeping/racking debris, removing weeds from sidewalk cracks and painting over small areas of graffiti twice a week. Once a year the all Village sidewalks and store fronts are power washed. In addition, five times a year we power wash our food and beverage concentration of business on Antioch Court and surrounding areas. This work is paid for from Association funds, using the services of Peralta Services Corporation. This company complies with all City regulations for the use and disposal of water used in the cleaning processes.

  3. Zoning. Recognizing that a major attraction of the Village is the diversity of small, independently-owned retail business we have, this Team works closely with the City Planning Division to ensure any new business being consider for the Village complies with C-27 zoning regulations. These regulations were created for the Village and state that all first-floor locations in the Village must be retail businesses. A Conditional Use Permits (C.U.P.) is required for any potential business that would not be considered general retail, including food & beverage outlets, restaurants, etc. Some existing businesses (banks, real estate) were grand-fathered in when the C-27 regulations were adopted, but any new business considering locating in the Village must meet the current zoning guidelines. The Team reviews all C.U.P. applications and provides consul to City agencies involved when they determine a business would not be a good fit for the Village.

  4. Signage. A “Special Sale” sign now and then is good for business. A proliferation of signs, both permanent and temporary, create an eyesore for the Village, and detract from the charm we try to maintain. The Committee works with merchants to ensure signs are tasteful and in compliance with current (C-27/CN-1) zoning regulations. Some older signs have been grand-fathered in but when replaced have to conform to current regulations. The regulations that apply to signs in the Village can be found here.

  5. Streetscape. Plans for a major upgrade and redesign of the public spaces in the Village was begun in 2006 by this Committee. Working with an outside landscape designer, Leslie Golden, Golden Associates, and giving merchants and the public an opportunity to meet and comment on ideas, they have developed a Master Plan that incorporates both safety and beautification components.

    The Master Plan is addressing only public spaces in the Village. It does not address store fronts or private property. The Committee is, however, developing a pallet of colors that they are recommending property owners consider when repainting or refurbishing buildings in the Village.

The Committee welcomes input at any time, and are looking for those of you who would be willing to help us in each stage of the Plan development (contact us by clicking on this link)

Here are Minutes from the most recent Beautification/Design/Land Use Committee Meetings:


Committee Meeting Notes from June 2011 going forward are found on the related Board Meeting Minutes