Montclair Veterinary Hospital


1961 Mountain Blvd., Oakland, CA
Phone: 510-339-8600
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Map Location #25
Medical, Dental & Optical

Montclair Veterinary Hospital

Our goal is for you and your pet to be comfortable when you are visiting us. You can be assured that we care for your pets in the same loving manner that we care for our own.

In the village for more than 50 years … since 1961, we have established a wonderful and fulfilling relationship with the Montclair Village community. The Montclair Veterinary Hospital is designed to provide the best medical care possible for the patient, while keeping the experience as pleasant as possible for the owner.

The treatment area of the hospital was completely renovated in December 2003. The hospital has been updated to utilize the latest technologies and advances in veterinary medicine. The floor plan includes a private ward for exotic animals, along with a separate wildlife area with privacy curtains and a designated room for radiographs. These features help make your experience at Montclair Veterinary Hospital as quick and stress-free as possible.