Flexible Parking and Free Parking in Montclair Village

The district went into effect on Monday, August 18, 2014. Link to press conference and article here.

More Convenient Parking + Different Rates + First 20 Minutes Free in Montclair Garage = Come to Montclair!


On Monday, the City will formally kick-off the new Montclair Flexible Parking District, a pilot program approved by the City Council on October 15, 2013. The goal is to increase available parking on centrally located streets that are in highest demand and to make finding a parking spot faster and more convenient. This will increase the attractiveness of visiting Montclair Village and decrease the pollution, noise and traffic caused by circling for parking.


These changes will occur in conjunction with a pilot “First 20 Minutes Free” program in the Montclair Parking Garage which began July 1st. The results of the changes – where and for how long visitors to Montclair Village park, and how easy it is for them to find parking spaces – will be monitored.


Prices may continue to be adjusted as needed, but not more often than every three months. Prices will never be more than $3.00/hour. The minimum is set at $0.50/hour. Oakland Public Works Department will use multiple communication venues to ensure the public is informed and has a voice in this pilot project.


Look for these stickers on parking meters:



Click here for more information.


Remember you can still get up to three hours of free parking at the Montclair Parking Garage at these participating businesses.