Montclair Village Association Charitable Giving Program

Montclair Village Association, located on 1980 Mountain Blvd. Oakland Ca, is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 02-0551618) that works to: increase the safety of Montclair, Oakland; support Montclair’s small businesses and merchants; expand opportunities for patronage and visitorship in Montclair; develop youth training programs for Oakland high school students and local college interns seeking professional work experiences; expand artist representation in urban spaces; catalyze Montclair’s social capital and placemaking for business improvement through the creation of the Village Plaza, a venue space for arts, culture, and community. 


Impacts of your Charitable Contributions
Your charitable contributions will support the following:
Arts & Culture
Performance Art
Lecture Series
Public Art Installation
Montclair Village Association Intern Program High School and College
Collaboration with local youth and schools
Community Enhancement, Beautification & Public Wellness
Community Safety
Clean and Green
Enhancement of Public Spaces
Curation and Maintenance

Donation Channels

Whether you are making an immediate gift or a planning a future gift, Montclair Village Association welcomes many types of contributions, including:


A gift of cash can be a simple way to have an immediate impact on the Montclair community. Gifts in excess of $500 will receive written acknowledgement for your contribution to the community for use in your tax planning.
Please send checks to:  DONATIONS MANAGER at 1980 Mountain Blvd. Suite 205, Oakland CA 94611

To donate with a credit card CLICK HERE

Sponsor a Brick

Support the Montclair Village Plaza Campaign by leaving a legacy on the sidewalks of Antioch Court.  Sponsor a brick of your choosing at:

Stock and Gifts of Personal Property

Montclair Village Association of Oakland welcomes gifts of any kinds of stock or personal property that may be used in the mission of the organization.

Gifts from your IRA or other Retirement Accounts

This contribution to charity can be a significant benefit for IRA or other retirement account owners who must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year.
If a retirement account owner directs their account administrator to distribute any amount up to $100,000 directly to the Montclair Village Association, the distribution counts toward the owner’s annual Required Minimum Distribution but is not included in his or her income.

Gifts from your Estate or Trust

Gifts from your estate or Trust (a bequest) is a transfer of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans. You can make a bequest to “Montclair Village Association of Oakland” by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate to our nonprofit, or by designating “Montclair Village Association of Oakland” as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy.

How You Give

Immediate Gift
For Immediate Gifts: Contact Montclair Village Association Email: [email protected] or call (510) 339-1000

Planned Giving
Please consult with your financial and estate planning advisors
Sample Bequest Provisions Unrestricted Expendable Bequest: I hereby give ___________________* to MONTCLAIR VILLAGE ASSOCIATION OF OAKLAND, a nonprofit organization, to support the objects and purposes of the organization.
For Planned Gifts: Please consult your financial, tax, or estate planner and contact Montclair Village Association!
To name Montclair Village Association of Oakland as a beneficiary, you can obtain a beneficiary designation form from your IRA plan administrator. That form typically asks for the name of the beneficiary (Montclair Village Association of Oakland), its address (1980 Mountain Blvd. Suite 205, Oakland, CA), and a tax identification number (02-0551618). This will provide an unrestricted gift to Montclair Village Association. Fill in the blank with the dollar amount, percentage of estate, or specific property you intend to give to Montclair Village Association of Oakland.
If you wish to designate a gift for a specific area of support, please contact [email protected] or call (510)339-1000

If you’d like to make a contribution for specific area of support, please contact us directly.
For more giving about any of these gifts, please contact the Montclair Village Association.

Daniel Swafford, Executive Director
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 510-339-1000