Parking in Montclair Village

Montclair Village Parking Garage

Located at the top of La Salle Avenue in Montclair Village, 6235 La Salle Ave, Oakland, CA 94611, USA. All-day and short-term parking available. FREE parking on most Sundays. Charge your electric vehicle on one of the six dedicated electric vehicle charging stations. The Attendant on is onsite during operating hours to answer any questions or offer direction for all things Village, they can also be reached at 510-339-2645.
The facility is patrolled daily by private security and has recently added security cameras throughout for your safety.
Come see over 15 murals by Oakland artists and visiting artists from around the world. Ask about renting the rooftop for your next event.

Hours of Operation

Monday 7AM–9PM

Tuesday 7AM–9PM

Wednesday 7AM–9PM

Thursday 7AM–9PM

Friday 7AM–9PM

Saturday 7AM–9PM

Sunday 8:30AM–6PM (Free all day)


The Parking Garage will be closed on the following holidays

January 1st — New Years Day

July 4th — Independence Day

November 24th — Thanksgiving Day

December 25th — Christmas Day


The Parking Garage will have holiday hours (7AM-7PM) on the following days

Martin Luther King Jr Day (Third Monday of January)

Presidents Day (Third Monday in February)

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

Labor Day (First Monday of September)

The Montclair Parking Garage is working with the City of Oakland to launch a pay-by-plate and gate-less parking system. This will be the first of its kind in Oakland, BUT uses payment options Oaklanders have seen on street for years… the ParkMobile app and self-service kiosks for Cash or Credit.

If you are unfamiliar with ParkMobile it is like FasTrak for parking, creating an easy, contact-less way to park at any metered space in Oakland, and is employed in hundreds of cities nationwide. This will be the first off-street facility in Oakland to incorporate this parking technology.

See details below on the NEW features of the Montclair Garage, AND a code for a FREE day of parking at the Garage when you use ParkMobile.

Our wonderful team of garage managers (Tee, Theo, and Felicia) are onsite and available to assist you with this new system, and as always there to help keep the facility safe and secure, and to continue connecting people to the businesses of Montclair.

Monthly parking permits are available for $100 per month. Please see the parking attendant for more information. If you already have a monthly parking permit, please make sure the parking attendant has your license plate information.


Add ParkMobile to your smartphone:

Step 1: Download the ParkMobile parking app on your smartphone through the App Store or Google Play Store, or by visiting and create an account. Don’t have a smartphone? You can still park using ParkMobile by calling 877-727-5718.

Step 2: Enter your vehicle information in the settings tab of the ParkMobile parking app.

When you are ready to park, and are safely in your space:

Step 1: Enter the zone number [Montclair Parking Garage is Zone #6501] posted on signs around the parking garage or conveniently located on the map in the ParkMobile parking app.

Step 2: Select the amount of time you want to park “duration” and start your session.

If time runs out while you’re out, ParkMobile will alert you by text and/or email before times expires and you can add more time on the app without having to return to your car.

The Montclair Garage will offer FREE 30 MINUTES of parking to all ParkMobile users, so the Garage is a convenient way to run an errand in the Village without having to pay for parking or search for a space on the street.

Use Code FreeMV on for a FREE DAY Parking at the Montclair Garage.

** The City and the Montclair Garage will be working during the pilot to determine how individual business can best offer free parking to customers, as of now merchants will no longer validate parking.

Self-Service Kiosk

Pay Station kiosks are available at the Garage allowing you to pay with cash or credit card. There is one kiosk located near the vehicle entrance on La Salle and a second located near the stairs on the La Salle side.

To pay using the kiosk:

Step 1: Key in your License Plate Number (Memorize or take a picture of your license plate so you won’t forget)

Step 2: Enter your method of payment – Credit Card or Cash

Step 3: Select the amount of time for your stay, $2 hourly or $10 for a full day. You get an additional FREE 30 MINUTES of parking with a minimum purchase of 1 hour. Receipts for credit card payments are available at

Parking Contract Liability
This is a self park facility. Any vehicle parked at this facility is parked at the owner1s sole risk. The owner alone is responsible for parking and locking their vehicle. Parking charges are only for a license to park in any parking space, and no bailment is intended or created. The facility operator and owner are not responsible nor do they assume any liability for damages caused by fire, theft, loss, or any other cause whatsoever with respect to any car or vehicle (or the contents) parked at this facility.

Accessible Parking
Unauthorized vehicles parking in designated accessible spaces not displaying distinguishing placards or license plates issued for people with disabilities may be cited or towed at the owner’s expense.

Proposition 65 Warning
This garage contains gasoline and diesel engine exhaust which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive toxicity. CA Health & Safety Code 252496.

Ticketing/Towing Information
Unauthorized vehicles, unpaid vehicles and/or vehicles parked other than in designated parking spaces, will be subject to ticketing and towing at the vehicle owner1s expense. Unauthorized vehicles left in the facility for 72 hours are subject to ticketing and towing at the vehicle owner1s expense. OMC 10.36.100; Sec. 21113 & 22658 CVC For Towed Vehicles call 510-238-3021

Click HERE for a Chinese translation on how to use ParkMobile and for Garage information.

Parking Validation

Validations are a way for a Montclair business to offer FREE parking at the Montclair Garage to a customer or client. Previously, validations were in the form of a sticker good for 1 hour each, and purchased by the merchant to give out as desired.

The new validation system uses the digital parking platform [ParkMobile] now in place at the Garage and will be very similar in process and benefit for any Montclair business wanting to validate parking. Here are some highlights with additional details and instructions below:

  • Validations for FREE parking at this time can ONLY be used by hourly parkers paying for parking at the Montclair Garage with ParkMobile
  • Validations are good for $2 off (1 hour free for each code), same as before
  • Validations now come in the form of a CODE # to be entered by the customer/client into the ParkMobile app after the parking session has begun – Click “Enter Promotion Code” on the App
  • (1) code is good for one use, for one hour ($2 off) of parking, same as before
  • An unlimited number of codes can be used for an active parking stay. You can park, shop, get validations and stay longer!
  • ParkMobile charges a $0.30 transaction fee per parking session

Using the Montclair Parking Garage Validation Code

  1. Safely park your vehicle and open the ParkMobile app
  2. Start your parking session in ZONE # 6501 – The Montclair Parking Garage (choose the duration of time that you expect to stay > hit Start Parking and you will see the “meter” time counting down)
  3. After the parking session has begun select Enter Promotion Code (a Validation Code(s) can be added at anytime during an active parking session)
  4. Enter the Validation code(s) provided to you by Montclair merchant(s) (1 code = up to $2 off/1 hour of free parking)
  5. Hit Save (when entering multiple validation codes repeat Step 3 above)
  6. Your reduced cost of stay will appear on your parking receipt

**NOTE: A Validation Code can only be used once.

List of Businesses Participating in Parking Validation

**NOTE: Businesses are still converting to the new electronic validation system. This list will continue to be updated. Please check in ahead of time with other businesses if they validate.

Monthly Permit Parking

Monthly parking permits at the Garage are available for $100 per month. Or at the Scout Lot adjacent to Village Square for $80 per month. Payment is due at the first of every month. Check or credit card payments are accepted.

Please provide the parking attendant your license plate information and vehicle description if interested in monthly parking permits. If you already have a monthly parking permit, please make sure the parking attendant has your license plate information.

Flexible On-Street Parking in the Village


Flexible Parking on the streets at the meters.  Meters are programmed for the rates you see on the map.


Click here for more information.

For history, link to press conference and article here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do validations work?
    • All users of the ParkMobile app will receive 30 minutes of FREE parking. Users can extend their parking once their session is almost over. An option of extending an additional 30 minutes is available for free, otherwise any extended time longer than 30 minutes will be charged extra.  For example, if you choose to park for 2 hours, you will only be charged for 1.5 hours.
    • You can receive validation codes from participating merchants around the village and enter them on the ParkMobile app. You will still be able to enter the validation code even after you check out. Each validation code is worth $2, which is equivalent to one hour of parking.
    • NOTE: the ParkMobile $0.30 transaction fee applies to every transaction, with exception of the free 30 minutes.
  • How many times can a user use each validation code?
    • Each validation code can only be used once, but multiple different codes can be applied to a parking session/stay. Example: A shopper shops at two places and receives two validation codes. They can use both codes to subtract a total of $4 from their parking session.
  • Can a parker use the code on a different day?
    • Yes, if the code has not been used they can use the code for any stay.
  • Can a parker extend their stay and use a second or third code?
    • Yes, ParkMobile allows the user to extend their stay as many times as they want. The parker can apply another validation code and reduce their fee by the price of 1 hour ($2). NOTE the ParkMobile $0.30 transaction fee applies to every
  • How do you know if my parking session is paid/current?
    • The City of Oakland will monitor the Garage daily with license plate reading (LPR) vehicles. A parked vehicle with a license plate that is not associated with an active parking session will receive a parking ticket. This works the same way as an expired metier on the street.
  • What if I don’t have a license plate?
    • As of 2018 the State of California requires all vehicles to have a license plate with #. Paper plated with a number associated with the vehicle are obtainable through the DMV. If you do not have a license plate and enter the garage, speak with the attendant on duty to ensure your vehicle does not receive a parking ticket.
  • Will the Garage still have attendants?
    • YES! Tee, Theo, and Felicia are an important part of a successful parking operation. The City of Oakland firmly believes the team at the Garage serve as invaluable ambassadors for the commercial district and the overall vision for a user friendly, safe, and hospitable parking system Citywide, AND are integral to the parking plan for Montclair Village.
  • Are monthly parking permits still available for purchase?
    • YES! Monthly parking permits are still available to be purchased. Please visit the parking attendants to get started. Credit Card and Check payments accepted.
  • How do I download ParkMobile?
    • You can open up the app store or play store on your smartphone and enter ParkMobile in the search bar to download.
  • What if I do not want to create a ParkMobile account but want to park at the garage?
    • You can call 877-727-5718 to pay for parking at the parking garage. OR
    • You can use the self-service kiosk at the parking garage.

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First 20 Minutes Free in Montclair Garage = Come to Montclair!

“First 20 Minutes Free” program in the Montclair Parking Garage allow visitors to Montclair Village park, and how easy it is for them to find parking spaces – will be monitored. At the top of La Salle – 6235 La Salle Ave

Up to three hours of free parking at the Montclair Parking Garage with validation from  these participating businesses.