The Village

Montclair Village is a charming and vibrant community, nestled in the beautiful, tree-covered Oakland Hills. The Village’s quaint aesthetic is home to a bustling commercial district. Business owners embrace personal service for all clients and customers, and many validate parking in the Montclair  garage at the top of La Salle. Make Montclair Village your destination, over 200 retailers, service providers, restaurants, and financial institutions are waiting to serve you! Looking for a gift? Need a convenient place to pick up groceries or prescription drugs? Montclair Village has it all.

And, close access to world-class hiking trails and bike routes, makes Montclair Village is the perfect spot for a sandwich, snack, bike repair, haircut, or massage before or after a day on the trails.

Come, shop, stroll in beautiful Montclair Village; there’s no other place like it in Oakland.

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Antioch Court

The Village Association is actively working in funding the Antioch Court Project. Click here to learn more about this important project.

Village Business Opportunities
Montclair Village is a thriving retail and professional services location. Businesses seeking space in the Village are encouraged to check with our local business realtors to view locations that exist from time-to-time, both first floor retail locations and upper floor non-retail space.