U Clean It Box – Montclair Park

Combination: 2907

Location: By the Recreation Center, next to the rock wall, across from the dumpster and pull-up bars.

Purpose: For people to clean up the park so it can be a healthy and safe environment for the visitors and animals living here. This box is filled with clean-up supplies to help clean up the park, and the lake. Once you have filled up a trash bag, put it in the dumpster and not back in the box.

Cautions: Be Careful! Do not pick up dangerous items such as glass, needles, or burning cigars/cigarettes. Don’t hurt the park and/or yourself. Do not use tools in pond so you don’t hurt fish, geese, and turtles.

Items in boxIMG_20170422_140632

  • Instructions and sign in sheet
  • Pickup claws
  • Buckets to collect trash
  • A broom and dustpan
  • Work gloves in 3 sizes
  • Boxes of disposable gloves
  • Boxes of trash bags
  • Extra combination lock (if lock gets broken/vandalized)

We encourage you to help refill the box if supplies are running low. Please do not vandalize the box or any items in or the around the box. Thank you! 🙂

Made by Girl Scout troop 32907. Troop of 5 th grade girls from the city of Oakland. The U Clean It Box in Montclair Park was part of our Bronze Award project to help clean up the park.

Established in April 2017.

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